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Skinnyflex  Anakin empty installable DIY hilt
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Skinnyflex (or skinny flex) or   Anakin Skywalker lightsaber

From Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

it is the 89sabers 2022 new version Skinnyflex empty hilt.

in stock now.

All of the parts are made from brass, except for the middle clamp is made from aluminum.

and the gold buttons are electroplated with real gold, so it looks beautifand it doesn't get old.

Reproduction ratio of movie props:1:1

the weight of empty saber: 750g.

it use 7/8" blade (7/8"emitter).

it have 2 bottom covers, one without holes, one with soundholes.

it have 2 swithes, one is the main orange button wich switch PCB and the other one is on middle control box, the side gold switch.

Delivery time: 3 working days,(we use DHL, Fedex express, usually ,you can get the packages in 7-10 days.) if you can not get update of tracking number on 89sabers website or on paypal in 10 days, you can ask a refund.


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